Semalt Study: What Benefits Digital Marketing Experts Give To Your
E-Commerce Business

Any good marketing agency should be able to help your eCommerce business to grow quickly while alleviating any stress you might have. It's natural that all business owners wish to grow their companies, generate more sales and reach leading positions in a certain marketing niche.

As is evident, you do need a helping hand at times. Hiring a digital marketing agency should be a good place to start. Jason Adler, the Customer Success manager of Semalt explains what 8 benefits you would receive if you hired digital experts.


The typical marketing agency is adept at creating, purchasing and channeling traffic to where it is needed. Why are they good? Well, it is because of these four reasons:

  • Experience. Having an extensive experience of working with different companies, your marketing agency would have seen dozens of successful campaigns.
  • Organization. You will get detailed report on how much was spent on the project
  • Time efficiency. Save yourself a valuable time by letting them handle the marketing aspect of the business while you sort everything else.
  • Economical. Since they would have been buying a lot of advertising prior to your engagement, they (the agencies) may get better rates.

Content marketing

Just as the name suggest, content marketing revolves around creating graphics, videos and articles then distributing them with the goal of attracting, engaging and converting surfers into clients. In today's world where promotional content is used with the purpose to inundate shoppers, content marketing creates value. It's the role of the marketing agency to create fresh, exciting and attractive content for you.

Email marketing

This marketing technique is never fully utilized by businesses. However, with the services of a marketing agency at your disposal you can be guaranteed good results. Just create a list of what has to be done and your agency will manage it for you.

Social media management

It's quite common for businesses to run social media pages – a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, Google+ or Twitter account. Updating these pages on a regular basis is a headache, which is possible to overcome with the help of a marketing agency.

Website design & development

Entrepreneurs venture in business for many reasons. Some do that just because they can, and other do it for whatever other noble reason. Unfortunately, not everybody is skilled to create his/her own website with a good perspective for online presence (web design). If you're a newbie, then an agency should help you out.

Photography & videography

Videography and photography are vital when it comes to selling stuff online. Think of a scenario in which a user doesn't have a clue about how a product looks like - an image or video then should come in handy. This will be perfectly done by a good marketing agency.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

There are hundreds of marketing agencies that are offering CRO. This (CRO) relies on testing as well as data collection to restructure web content that's converted into leads. CRO is technical in nature, so it requires professional expertise to be done.

As the business grows, you're bound to experience more challenges. For instance, as you generate more sales, you get more customer desk responsibilities. With a broader product line, you get more inventory to keep track. Throw in the numerous advertising options, SEO updates, social media marketing tools and you will get the broader picture.

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