iHelp Global Limited, registered in Hong Kong(SAR)is peer to peer Crowdfunding solutions platform. It’s a cluster based crowdfunding platform using cutting edge technology of cryptocurrency, a new form of digital currency.

Its based on human relation and values where each participant become a part of local cluster in a systematic way. By using the transparent peer-to-peer online crowdfunding system, members fund and receive payments from each other for entrepreneurship and for humanitarian causes.

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Peer-to-peer(P2P) crowdfunding, also known as "social funding", lets individuals raise FUND and support each other globally in a clusters. Just as eBay removes the middleman between buyers and sellers, P2P Crowdfunding eliminate financial intermediaries like banks and credit unions. It enables borderless, limitless and

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Understanding Cryptocurrencies What Are Cryptocurrencies? The simplest way to define cryptocurrency is it is a digital form of money. Each unit of cryptocurrency is referred to as a cryptocoin. Each cryptocoin is defined by a unique,alphanumeric, encrypted code. Imagine a U.S. dollar and

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