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iHelp Global is the world’s leading investment P2P CROWDFUNDING platform. We enable and empower common people to invest alongside professional investors in start-up, early stage and growth businesses through equity and investment options.

iHelp Global is creating  exclusive commerce benefit designed to create buyer demand and build  real cryptocurrency value.

iHelp Global is the first company to offer common people, globally, to come in local clusters with an opportunity to share in the emerging cryptocurrency financial boom and P2P Crowdfunding opportunity  by:

  • Providing the Internet business and P2P Crowdfunding PLATFORM to raise FUND and to promote cryptocurrency use and investment.
  • Offering amazing benefits that have worldwide appeal for the masses of people looking for financial success, innovation and independence, who do not qualify for funding in traditional restricted financial systems.

The innovative combo of PEER-to-PEER CROWDFUNDING, utilizing the best of CRYPTOCURRRENCY, is the next billion dollar industry . iHelp Global  is creating new business opportunities using cryptocurrency globally, for those people who do not have  access to traditional financial institutions for FUNDING. Budding and Start up Entrepreneurs can raise fund globally for personal and business requirments.

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What FACEBOOK is to Social networking, iHelp Global is to

Financial freedom- P2P CROWDFUNDING

What is iHelp Global P2P Crowdfunding?

It could be interesting and rewarding to understand how peer-to-peer crowdfunding and investments work.  There are a number of different models, but they revolve around the concept of using the internet to link people who have money to people in need of money or crowdfund each other for bigger funds.

The earliest forms of peer-to-peer transactions were philanthropic – merely introducing people with a great idea to people who wanted to see it come to fruition badly enough to contribute to its development.  These nominal contributions can add up to enough funds to get an idea off the ground – often taking the form of micro-sponsorship of artistic events like theatre productions, films, or similar.  These types of fundraises were made popular by sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and are generally referred to as “crowdfunding” raises, which differentiates these sorts of raises from investment funding.

Modern peer-to-peer investing works on almost the same principle, and also includes a range of different forms and investment strategies.  Broadly speaking, they can be divided into equity, or debt investments;

Equity investments through peer-to-peer (“P2P”) generally involve early-stage or start-up businesses seeking investment or fund raising build the business.  By making a contribution you become a shareholder in the business, and are then eligible for capital gains if the business becomes a success.  .

P2P crowdfunding are serious business – across the UK it’s estimated that P2P transaction amounted to over £1 billion in 2014. In the US in December, the biggest P2P platform – Lending Club – launched an initial public offering on the NASDAQ at a US$5 billion valuation, quickly spiking to US$9 billion on opening day.

This is truly a unique opportunity and there is no better time than now to get started!

iHelp Global  provides platform for P2P Crowdfunding using cryptocurrency alleviating restriction based on fiat currencies like dollars and Euro by Central Banks and States. An Entrepreneur looking to raise million dollars for business or personal requirement can use iHelp platform to raise money from similar requirements globally. Each one comes in a cluster of its own and build team in clusters for raising funds using personal networking or social networking like Facebook. Any transaction that happens is Peer to Peer and involves only in clusters using Bitcoin. However, each participants is provided a $50 worth of GCR crypto and help eventually to raise the value of GCR for the benefit of each entrepreneurs getting involved by generating value of GCR by creating demand globally. 

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